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Originally Posted by wfopete View Post
I thought the same thing about my YZ when I saw it. I then I dropped almost another grand into it. Now I have four rules when looking at a bike:

1. Bring a friend to act as the Devils Advocate.
2. Bring a flashlight.
3. Remove the seat or side covers & have a peek.
4. If the owner says it runs but you can't get it started, subtract at least $500 from the price.
Wow Pete, great photos and report. Really terrific! I cant tell you how much I enjoyed reading this. I say Bravo to you in getting out there. I am most impressed that you can kick your bike 20 times and still have energy left to race it! Dang, I dont think I could. Dont feel too bad about your purchase, you have good company in this regard, you know I share your pain!

To make myself feel better, I think about what I have spent on my bikes relative to my daughters tuition bill or my taxes, ha, a drop in the bucket.
Plus it gets us off the couch so thats worth something too!

Thanks again for your post. I will be looking forward to your next event and report!
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