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This bullshit is about what I'd expect from Jay. Yes "seething and laughing" is a good sumation of what I am feeling. I am not in the sidecar business, and originally built the wheels for my own rig out of neccesity. A few others wanted what I had built for my own rig for there use, so I made a few more. And even though Jay "never heard of Stroker" that did not stop him from taking $6000 plus dollars from me for one of his early Ural based "experiments", with all the features you would expect, crooked wheel, shitty welded axle, broken tilt pivot, up-side-down actuator, feeble sub-frame, etc. By the way I didn't just fall off the turnip truck, I adapted a set of 15'' magmesuin drag racing wheels to my 102 cu. in. Harley Flathead/Goulding Rocket sidecar in 1978. I find it very curious to me is the FACT that very soon after I sent one of my wheels to Daunted Motors(against my beter judgement) for one of Jay's better customers, I got a brochure in the mail showing all of Jay's "new" products. He even had the nerve to ask about how I like the items advertised. I really wanted to puke.After seeing one of these "new" wheels I didn't feel so sick, as in my mind there was no comparison. And for the record, my wheels are also made using bolted adapters and an unmodified production rim, so swapping out a damaged rim is not big deal. Changing a tire on any of these wheels is so easy that you don't have to go to any shop for help.
Claude is a great guy, who I am blessed to have as a friend. We bounce ideas off each other, hang out at bike meets, and yes, he does sell my wheels. He has some at his shop for BMW Oilheads and Harleys(Oh God, lets not start bashing the poor "Highway Tractors" and their riders).
I did not intent to join in on this thread, but felt compelled to comment. Jay if you want to square off with me be ready. You did not invent the sidecar, the wheel, or many of the features used on these machines...get over it. I still have all the emails I sent you after buying you "fine product", and will share them with the ADVRIDER Inmates if you like.

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