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Originally Posted by LittleWan View Post
hey Dave - so, how do you like it?
Video is so time-consuming - but, obviously your gorgeous photos take a lot of time, too...
Are you working in lightroom first?

(Bob! you're everywhere! )
Hi Kelly! Yes, Bob is probably my most loyal follower, but I see you trying to steal him away. Better watch it girl!

Piecing together the video was easier than I thought it would be, and probably less time-consuming than my photos. I enjoyed filming all of the bike segments during the middle of the day, when I'm not usually as inspired by the light to shoot photographs anyway. I just used Windows Live Movie Maker and found it pretty easy to figure out and work with. It may suit my needs well enough. I downloaded a free trial of Sony Vegas Platinum Production Suite 11 last night. My initial reaction is that it is too complex for what I need. I didn't use Lightroom at all for the video since I haven't upgraded to 4 yet and doubt it would have improved the shaky and out of focus stuff I filmed here. I ordered a helmet camera. The Panasonic TS3 does NOT do video well from the bike as we both found out. It doesn't even do well for photos while moving. I had to throw out most of the stills. The Panasonic superzooms like the TZ5 and ZS5 do very well while moving. I don't think the TS3 will replace my ZS5 like I thought it would.

Here is the map of the 531 mile day.
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