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Originally Posted by B1 View Post
hey guys
just read every page on this thread to brush up on the TLR260 which apparently is pretty much identical to the corresponding tessa. it probably around a 1994-1996 but we couldn't find it stamped on the bike anywhere. he said $2000 for it which probably sounds like a lot in the states but cheap here down under. just had a few quick questions....

i'm six foot four so will have to get those bars higher. just wondering if anyone has done this and how far they could go before the cables got too tight? looks like i could get maybe two inches higher with some rerouting of cables maybe, and either go bar raisers or high bend bars?

the plastics are a bit shabby, i doubt anyone would make aftermarket plastics for a model this old but any ideas on a supplier?

fork seals are a bit leaky, i'm assuming it won't be too hard getting replacement seals?

it looks pretty identical to this one except for different colors in parts of the plastics.

That looks like a 314 not a 315. The 14 had the usd forks. Looks like a good bike regardless.
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