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If it sounds too good to be true...

It has been almost a week since I was at the Aventuras2000 office and from what I have heard elsewhere, the possibility of a ferry is messing everything up. The officials at the Cartagena port have turned back at least one sailboat with tourists crossing from Panama, they are getting strict and being a-holes. I am poking my nose around in Portobelo to see what needs to happen to make the crossing. Basically the brokers in Cartagena (the guys who help the sailboats with paperwork) have said yes than no than yes for motorcycles. The sailboat captains may not want to risk taking a bike on board only to get turned back once reaching Colombia.

If that happens you can either try to get dropped off in Puerto Obaldia and take a Lancha to Turbo ($50) or you can go back to Panama and try again, $900 bucks later,

I am going to have a drink tonight with Michel, the captian of the Independence. He has been in Panama City working out the details of his Visa and is back in Portobelo with some information and some "news" for me.

2 months of riding just to arrive in Colombia with my motorcycle, I'm so close! Something good better happen soon or I am going to get crazy.

Thanks moderators for merging my earlier post, I did not mean to be that guy.

If anyone is in Panama trying to get to Colombia with thier bike, PM me and we can figure it out together.
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