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Originally Posted by laser17 View Post
The Equivalent K for 2 springs connected in Parallel (like a fork) is:


So if you have a .3 K spring in each leg - you have a .6k total.

If you bought 10% stiffer springs - you still have a 10% stiffer total - not 20%

Likewise, use only one and you have a 5% stiffer total.

Laser, the question at hand is, they "market" them as 10% stiffer spring, sold only in pairs. so each spring seems to be 10% stiffer. which meant to everyone that has bought a pair (since they wont sell just 1 at Lewissports, as far as I know to be 20% stiffer overall...) I weighed up around or over, 280 lbs when I 1st bought and installed the 'pair" and they were too stiff even for me at that weight. Then it was worse, especially when I lost 20 lbs not long after install. I rode it that way for a few months, I then took both springs out of that 08 raga pro, moved only 1 to my 2010 raga pro, and it seems about right. Then I lost another 40+ lbs lbs during the last year. I now weight 210-220 geared up, and one spring is great, yet on stiffer side still. I ended up selling the 2nd spring to a fellow big rider buddy, and he loves it in his 2010 250 Raga...

My point only being a call to Lewissport might be in order to find out for sure! I know that is what the Parts guru around me said they would be, and the 3 or 4 other guys in my club, ordered and split out pairs, seemed to state, that each spring is being about 10% stiffer spring than stock spring.

I want to UP FRONT also state, nothing around me is "perfect world" with respect to memory either, becuase when ANY of the bikes I ride/owned, they were bought new and was "Dad's bike" who is 6' 3" and was also close to 210-215 in weight, hes a litttle less nowdays I think. But, that was 3 or 4 years ago on the 2008 Raga... and we might have added to the spacers for stock springs in the 08, and IF it was, I didnt change them when I added to the 2 springs to that 08 Raga... But, we know he did NOT modify the 2010 shocks at all, so when I got it, it was all stock, I put one in and up until recently I liked it a LOT, but when wet, it is borderline stiff IMHO but doesnt bother me like it did with 2 of them. PS my Raga 08 Raga 300 has aluminum forks, unlike some have steel forks.
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