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I re-tested the rest of the electrical components, and all of the injectors ohmed to spec.. . I will be re-using them.

The following will be the new EFI layout:

Microsquirt will be inside the van under the bench away from heat, water, hands, and other things.

Pink - Relay 1 - Starter Relay
Purple - Relay 2 - Fuel Pump Relay
Red - Injectors - 4 individual pairs
Orange - Coolant Temperature Sensor - Custom Fit via adapter to CHT
Green - Intake AIR Temperature Sensor - Custom Fit into the intake plenum where EGR used to connect.
Yellow - GM 3 wire MAP Sensor
Blue 1 - Vacuum line from throttle body to MAP
Blue 2 - Vacuum line from intake plenum to Fuel Pressure Regulator.

The airbox will be replaced with a "cold are intake" piping with a filter from one of the "tuner" cars.
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