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sooooo after reading pages of internet rumors about unlocking the ecu and calls to dealership and sicass bla bla bla .... for mild and wild plugs i decided to just order a set they were 30bucks to the door.....i tested on a mx track yesterday the first moto i got a feel for bike lap after lap 2nd moto i added WILD plug from sicass racing ..wholy kraaaap the power hits waaay harder and faster one section of track had a uphill sandy section the bike exploded up the hill it really is a night and day differance.. i could not believe how aggressive the bike felt it felt like a factory 450 supercross bike .. my bike is desmogged with a jd tuner ..i am not over-exaggerating
when i say the wild plug is awesome .... ? about all the unlocking bs works on my bike just fine...after 4 motos yesterday 2 krashes .. i feel like some won hit me with a sludge hammer 100 times lol

happy landings

Hey Evel,

Did you have the JD tuner set to the recommended settings for the 500? Also, did you try the WILD plug without the JD tuner?


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