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Originally Posted by GISkev View Post
Check out what i found in my BRP oil tonight!

nice oil farkle heh?

bike runs great. I'm thinking that it's to hold the piston pin in place. looks about like that part. did the rings fall of 2010 and the bike doesn't burn oil, so i don't think the piston pin has slid out of place to eat the cylinder.

when the new rings went in it was not I that place the piston pin holder ring, but rather ninja mechanics so it may be something else, but that's the only part that comes to mind having done xr top ends only three times.

thotz? I'm thinking the big trip next weekend might be better to do on the xr400 (for sale, in theory) since i don't have an evening to tear the BRP down by then. The 650 runs like a champ, so i'd hate to leave it. Would the pin slip and eat the cylinder? Anyone have time to rebuild it before the weekend trading for organic farm eggs and the opportunity to walk my gorgeous german shephard???
Bummer dude. I wouldn't ride it till you find where it goes. What day are you done with your day job?? I can probably leave whenever and bomb it south. Yo. I better throw on the mondo tank for some mondo moto action.

BTW I'm using Utards to work out these details so some other bitches will get jealous and decide to come along. Can I still say bitches on Utards??? Anyway.........don't be a bitch........ride with Kev and Ry or you will be banned.
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