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After all the "Little Pink Houses" stuff I figured I'd better get motorin' up the hill if we were gonna' make it... it was ~5pm (I think) by the time I left there and headed into Mt Rainier National Park... skies were not so ominous here - but it wasn't "warm" either...

Anyways, I forget how much further it was... another ~30 miles or so, I guess, until we hit the end of the road.

They say the snow level will drop to ~3,000 feet tonight, and we'll get snow on the major passes again... Good thing Mr. Nutsy is in a nice warm place.

We made it back home ~8pm or so - I had to break out the toe-warmers (stick 'em to your shirt, helps keep ya' warm) to make it down off the hill, and stopped off for some coffee and a few sessions with the hand-dryer in the can... ~150 miles round trip. HEY! If you're gonna' come to the WetSide, ya' gotta' go to Paradise - I think it's in the r00lz.
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