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Question Procrastination is the thief of time...

I'm considering my next move regarding the frame repair.

One thing I do know is that my current welding skills are not going to produce a good oil-tight job. Do I practice my welding until I'm 'good enough' or farm the job out to someone competent? Of course, I'm going to go down the practice-my-welding route. Anyway, the guy I got the bike from says he has a spare XR frame (of a similar year he says) that I can have. It'll probably turn out to be for something completely different and, for some reason, I'd like to keep the standard frame if possible. But I could use the XR frame to 'test' the engine while I improve my welding skills. The XR frame should arrive next weekend

In the meantime, to get in some garage time, I took the engine out of the frame and got it onto the work bench.

I was hoping that a brief look under the covers would suggest an engine strip wasn't necessary and, generally, it didn't look too bad inside. A brief peering, prodding and measuring session around the clutch, crank, cam-chain, cam bearings, etc and everything seemed OK. The oil residue was fairly clean (like new oil) and there were no metal fragments, flakes, grit or collections of grunge in the places where you might possibly expect to find such things.

I wanted a first look at the radial valve layout too so I lifted the rocker cover too. The cam and rockers all seem in reasonable shape (these are uncleaned parts, straight off the bike) with fairly minimal scoring or wear evident.

Silicone-gasket overkill on the clutch and generator cases. However, I've not recovered any bits of silicone from the oil filter or strainers.

Finding this is a bit worrying. The broken bit is the automatic decompresser cam thing that's operated by the kick-start, that's the kick-start needle bearing below it in the picture. So far I haven't found any chunks of it inside the engine so perhaps it's an 'old injury' that was never fixed? As a precaution I'll strip the oil pump to make sure it's clear of any debris and flush the engine out as best I can. I suppose I should strip the engine, split the cases and make sure there's no metal debris in there, but I'm tempted just to put it back together and take the chance. False economy?

In the meantime, back to the frame...

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