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lookin' good...but man, those bars gotta go, and it has nothing to do with aesthetics, but all about protection...assuming you're going to use the bike for what it's designed to do.

here's the aftermath of one of my flops, note the missing paint near the tip of the shifter. might be conjecture, but with your bars that rock may very well have taken out the generator cover.

also, the bike needs to be able to slide forward on the bars, not grab the surface, no matter what it is. if the bike can't slide, you could see damage that might not happen otherwise. cool that you fabbed your own bars, any changes would be an easy fix.

might want to think about some pannier rack mounting points before the subframe gets painted.

who turned the 49mm DRZ fork to 52mm bottom clamp adapters and what was the cost? did you get a photo before you installed them?
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