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Originally Posted by JimRidesThis View Post
In the meantime, to get in some garage time, I took the engine out of the frame and got it onto the work bench.

Yeah, I'm not so sure about that 250 to 600 swap based upon your description either
At least I now don't feel so bad about missing some items during my pre-purchase inspection of my 84 XR500

That frame should prove interesting to fix. If the other frame you get is from an 83-84 XR500, then I think there might be a better chance of the top engine mounts matching the XL6. But you will tell us all about it I'm sure

Another thought, did the frame get cut because someone wanted to remove the valve cover without removing the entire engine? That job can be done on newer XRs, but the XL6 and my XR5s don't have enough clearance between the cover and the frame member to remove the valve cover with the other engine mount bolts still attached. Although I agree that the seized mount is the more likely explanation. I may have a pair of upper engine mounts from an XL6 in my spares box. Let me know if that is something you would want, but I suppose you will make your own set to match your repairs.

You should double check that right side cam bearing. The shield/seal on one side of the bearing should be facing the right side next to the oil cup/chamber. That bearing looks to be installed backwards, or worse its the wrong bearing.

I updated my 84 oiling system to more modern components. Its a straight swap and I you can read about our discussions regarding the dry sump RFVC oiling system on this thread:
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