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Six Months Later . . .

Back on October 14th, 2011, I was on duty, working Motorcycle Patrol, running stationary radar during school zone time in a small town in East Texas. I was aboard my 2006 R1200RT-P and had just shot off after a violator. The location was on a US highway--two lanes, one each way. As I made my way after the speeder, I was running up through the gears (probably just hit fourth and was going about 55+), with emergency lights and siren on. As I closed the gap between the violator and myself, I noted a small car make a left turn from a side road onto the highway into my lane. Traffic was heavy in the oncoming lane and I presume the driver was more focused on finding a gap than watching out for a motorcycle, much less one with lights and siren blaring.

With the oncoming lane denied as an out, and wanting to avoid a t-bone/rear-ender with the car that entered my lane, my only choice became heading for the ditch to the right. The ditch was interrupted by a private driveway with a concrete culvert. The bike slammed into the culvert and stopped forthwith. I was thrown up and over, with the handlebars breaking both my femurs and my left ankle . . . . The impact with the culvert was hard enough that my helmet (3/4 style w/open face) was ripped from my head, and I flew over fifty feet--over the driveway and along the drainage ditch. Conscious the entire time, I remember tasting concrete as I flew through the air . . . and then landed, with my first point of contact being my right forearm and elbow. The impact shattered my right humerus at the head into at least six pieces. As I lay there, I was checking fingers and toes when I noticed about eight inches of my right femur sticking up into the air.

Luckily, through the services of LifeFlight, it was possible for me to arrive at Memorial-Hermann @ the Houston Medical Center within about 55 minutes after the accident having taken place--this despite the scene having been nearly 80 miles away. My life and my leg were saved because of that fact, most especially because the ER Orthopedic Surgeon has had a couple tours in Iraq/Afghanistan.

I went through seven surgeries in the first thirteen days, and received 24 units of blood in total. Thanks to all who donate. After having spent over four months in the hospital, I've still got a long road to recovery.

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