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Originally Posted by MrPulldown View Post
Mind if you go into some detail about your tube bending set up? Those are some pretty nice looking bends, not kinks. What kind of bender and what type of tubes. Thanks.

WWW.PRO-TOOLS.COM for the bender, the tube is mostly P/O 1 1/2 .120 wall, with some lighter stuff mixed in in less crutial areas, and a piece of .180 for the rear main hoop.

The sub frame is 1 inch .120 wall. with a piece of 3/4 bar at the sweep 90 and a piece of 3/4 that is about 8 inches long at the rear ( floating overhand just looked like it would bend )

The Velorex frame was plated with .60 1 1/2 on the outside in critical, places, the suspension was rewelded and squared.

Other than that is pretty simple. Lots of measuring and re measuring and some input from friends as they would stop by for a look see.

I need to mention one thing when it comes to building the roll cage, spend some time on the threads and blogs from the 4x4 and rock crawler guys, they now how to build stuff. I spent hours chatting with a guy that builds rock crawlers in Texas about how things bend when they are hit. Some real insight from a guy that has been flipping big 4x4 over on mountains is a nice addition to your train of thought.

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