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Originally Posted by Precis View Post
Stunning workmanship - keep the dimensions - people will pay you money for the plans, or to replicate your design.
Adding some extra weight to the Velorex is no bad thing - I just used a chunk of 8mm steel plate and had a race-car roll-over hoop made up with the 6-point harness attached to that:

But ultimately, you'll want one of these, so you still have a "motorcycle", as opposed to a three-wheeled car:

Thank you for the compliments, they are always appreciated.
As for the flexit it, not really a fan of a fully articulated side car, but Iíve been really looking at the Kalich style of side cars, that guy does beautiful work. The problem I have at present is the agreement that my wife and I have. The deal is that we donít have a bunch of bike that can break a ground speed record sitting in the garage when he gets his license, so we are gonna D-S it for a couple or 16 years. It wasnít a hard transition for me because Iíve got lots of history with dirt bikes, and as soon as I came to the realization that a dual sport must be heavily dirt biased in order to be enjoyed I was happy.
Anyone can bump a BMW / KAWI / KTM / TRIUMP up the blacktop fully loaded looking for adventure, pick a gravel and head down it till it turns to double track then turn around. But a special kind of person gets excited when it goes from double track to single track to goat path, to bog. Last year I was out with some friends back in the bush playing around and this guy with his son motors up on some sweet little 2 stroke bikes, he looks at us and says you guys got balls bringing big bikes like that back here ( they were just some 650ís). Ya its hard work, hard on your body and equipment but worth the drive and the compliments of some guy on a 150lbs two stroke. Iíve often been referred to as special, maybe it wasnít a compliment but who cares.
Anyways I digress. A leaner by nature cannot go on a dirt biased bike, we need clearance, and to be as skinny as possible. Now the side car Iíve built will probably end up on my wifeís bike a Dakar that wonít see allot of bogs while she owns it, the METZ tourences are a good indication of that. So playing around with LG on some Double Track and gravel roads is something Iím ok with. Iíd rather have him out with me learning a healthy respect for the environment, bikes, and people. Appreciation for a friend who will work hard for an hour pulling a 400 lbs Beemer out of a bog is one thing, but if that same friend helps you do the same thing with the same bog 10 min later because you thought you could make it with more speed, heís a friend, thatís the kind of people you should surround yourself with, and thatís what the side car is about.
Now once he is of driving age and has hopefully paid attention to the life lessons I could see myself taking a kick at a GSXR1000 with a leaner.
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