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Originally Posted by Ghost_Mutant View Post
You should double check that right side cam bearing. The shield/seal on one side of the bearing should be facing the right side next to the oil cup/chamber. That bearing looks to be installed backwards, or worse its the wrong bearing.
Thanks for the heads-up on that bearing, I would have missed that completely. Turns out it's the wrong one i.e. no shield. Typical! Presumably that means that at some point the camshaft might not have been properly charged with oil, etc. I'm going to have to replace that bearing with the correct type so as the cam's coming out I might as well take the head off too and clean up the valve faces and so on.

Any hints on removing the cam chain tensioner?

Originally Posted by Ghost_Mutant View Post
I updated my 84 oiling system to more modern components. Its a straight swap and I you can read about our discussions regarding the dry sump RFVC oiling system on this thread:
Interesting and useful stuff, thanks again :-)

Originally Posted by kennythetiger View Post
You'll wanna fix that, they are a real pain to start without it. Make sure that you orient it properly before you re-install the cover, they can snap pretty easily if you tighten them down when oriented the wrong way.
I wonder if that's what happened to it?
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