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Originally Posted by kitesurfer View Post
i don't know why a new wheel is required. GOLDWINGS have been running car tires for a few years now. good reports from all that do...BAD reports from those who won't try.
Originally Posted by kimokk View Post
There's no car tire in the US that fits the BMW wheels that's why the adapter is needed. If you find one, please let us know!
Well the Vstrom guys that have went to the darkside are running either 205/50-17 (a tad shorter than stock) or a 205/55-17 tire (a tad taller than stock, but harder to find in this size). Either way, that tire is pretty squished on a rim meant for 150/70-17 tire. And on top of that, most tires in that size range are pretty high performance tires, although guys are still getting 15-20k+ out of them. The most popular tire most of the guys started with was the General Exclaim UHP in the 205/55-17 size, but its discontinued now and hard to find. Others have found other tires that work well for them including snow tires for some of the guys up north in Canada. I have a UHP tire sitting here for my Vstrom haven't installed yet, but will be putting it on to see how it works for big trips where I don't want to have to swap out a rear tire.

I don't own a GS, but I really like this idea, especially how easy it is to swap out a rear wheel on that single sided swing arm and the 15" rim gives you a much better selection of tires in that size to run and cheaper than 17" tires too. The other nice thing is it allows you to keep a regular MC tire on your normal rim with either a knobby if you like to play off road or maybe just a normal MC tire when you really want to play.

I give a big thumbs up to the vendor here!
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