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All good points you raise - funny how parenthood shifts your perspective a bit, isn't it? Our daughter's been riding dirt bikes since she was 4.
I love the macho look of the exo-skeleton you've given the Verlorex - previously it was a dainty, classic sidecar - but not yours!
Can you still use the roof? I found ours to be a spectaucularly good design - these guys have obviously been doing this stuff for a while and pretty-much perfected the folding water-proof sidecar roof.
However your desire to continue riding off road with LG and preserve your licence begs the question: why not just buy a 2wd Ural and be done with it?
You've turned a one-track vehicle into a pretty-much permanent two-track vehicle, so why not have the extra wheel working for you, instead of against you?
(One of the major features of the Flexit is that you can take the sidecar off in about 3 minutes and have a single-track vehicle again!)
Or there's this: - just turn your speakers off unless you're deaf (or want to be so) and actually like French heavy metal.
The Toro is/was made in France and can apparently go "places":
"I would like to die on Mars; just not on impact." Elon Musk
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