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Originally Posted by farcall View Post
Which fat tank have you got? I'm considering whether to get one myself. Any tips, suggestions or recommendations?

I've got the Touratech. As far as tips: consider carefully. In some ways, it's a one-way street. My situation requires 600km+ fuel range, and it works for me, but it's a comprimise. I can still run 2x ten litre jerry cans which will give me about a 1000km range if needed.

  1. Fuel-range
  2. Relatively compact (compared to some other solutions)
  3. Plastic tank- don't dent when you drop the bike
  1. Very expensive- I got mine second had for a good price and would not have paid the price of a new one. And it's unpainted- you'll need to spend some more mula
  2. More top heavy: Riding and picking the bike up
  3. It's fat and you tend to spread your legs a bit more
  4. If you don't have upgraded front suspension, you'll need it
  5. More fuel = more weight = more tiring to ride in the tight technical stuff and sand
  6. Difficult to get the last few litres out of the tank. you can here it sloshing (and accoring to my calcs, it must have been close to 5l), but every time you run down-hill, you run 'out of fuel'
  7. If you run after market fairings, (such as Boana), they won't fit without modification- that includes the dashboard, etc.
  8. Hard to find items such as crashbars and very limited range
  9. Lot more weight on the front wheel- harder to keep the nose up off-road and on sand

Like I said- it's a compromise. I need the range. If I had to do it over again, I think I'd rather invest it pannier/rear-seat tanks. But that said, that's my next project. That way I won;t have to use the jerry cans no more.

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