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Originally Posted by NorthernStar View Post

A few questions on the crashbar if you dont mind:
  • is this the same one that being sold at the supertenere website
  • how much is the weight of lower part
  • how much is the weight of the upper part
  • where are the attachement points for the lower bash plate (engine or frame)
  • where is the attachement for the upper under the triple clamp
  • do you have to take the lower guard to change oil filter
  • is mild steel tubiong used for the guard
  • what are the pannier racks that are pictured in the website all about
  • have the SS brake lines been lenghtened to be able to accept a higher bar riser
Thanks for taking the time and effort in promoting this product -
Questions are good.

Yes, this is the same as being sold on the Super Tenere Forum, both posts by me. I am Eric V over there.

Total weight of the bars is ~24 lbs with all hardware.
Upper bar is 10 lbs.
Lower bar with skid plate and hardware is 13.5 Lbs.

Attachment points for the lower bash plate are to the lower crash bar only, which is mounted to the frame only. You can opt to mount with, or w/o the factory "skid plate". The lower bars attach at the front bolt of the factory tip over bar on each side, then the large bolt just forward of the center stand on each side. The tip over guard is retained. In part because the clutch side one is a lower radiator mount.

The attachment to the upper hoop, at center, is a flat bar that bolts to the bottom of the long bolt that goes thru the rear of the center gauge pod mounting unit. At the hoop, it bolts in with two smaller bolts.

You do not have to take the lower guard, (bars), off to change the oil, but you do have to take the skid plate off to change the oil. This is 6 bolts, easily accessible.

Originally there were holes to access the drain plugs, but the SA riders found that small sticks and debris would enter via those holes and build up or potentially do damage, so the holes were eliminated. It only takes a few minutes to remove the skid plate and I found it not to add any significant time to a oil/filter change. It's simply another step, which allows me to give things a good look over while doing that service.

Yes, the tubing is 25x2mm mild steel tubing, bash plate is 3mm aluminum, all finished in ferro grain black powder coating.

The pannier brackets shown on the Rumbux web site are for the R1200GS and XT660 Tenere, not the XT1200 Super Tenere. These are not for hard panniers, but intended for those running soft panniers to keep the panniers off the exhaust and from flopping into the rear wheel. Because the Super Tenere's stock hand grab bars can be reversed and installed in the down position to perform this function, no need was seen to fabricate these for the Super Ten.

The brake line kit is only for the lower lines from under the triple tree to the calipers to facilitate fender raise/removal, or simply removal of the cross over line to avoid the unpleasant potential if the fender is broken, as was seen on a F800GS on their forum, where a rock broke the fender, then the brake line cross over caught the tire and resulted in a very unpleasant crash at speed. This should not be confused with an upper brake line kit to allow for higher risers. Different animal altogether. I do not have any intentions to offer the upper kit, since others already offer it now. (Ride On ADV).

I have worked on bringing in the Rumbux product because it fills a niche that is not represented in the US market. I personally wanted a crash bar/skid plate that did NOT mount to the engine or oil sump. The cast oil sump has been shown to not be a good place to mount things to. In the event of a hard hit, it can fracture, resulting in Bad Things™. I brought the first 5 sets in on a group buy, for myself and a few forward thinkers that were willing to take a chance. The quality of the bars is first rate. The welds are excellent, the fitment is perfect and I am so pleased with the product that I want to make it available to my S10 brethren. I hope to do so at a price that is reasonable, but still allows me a small profit margin. Business, eh? If things go well, I will get to the point were I can stock bars, and avoid the delay of having to order them, wait for them to be fabricated, shipped, go thru customs and then be re-packaged and shipped to customers. Right now, that is too high risk for my taste. Down the road, we will see. It's been a big learning curve so far to become an importer of motorcycle parts from South Africa. Not exactly next door! Lots of variables in exchange rates, etc. and I'm too small to get a good shipping rate, but I believe it can still represent a good value for American buyers.

Thanks for asking questions. From good questions, we all learn.
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