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Cliff Young
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Finally a 315R Yayyyyyy!!!

Hi Guys,

I have been riding trials 3 years on a 74 TY250, including some Class A on the Sportsman line. The Ty is a great bike after I got done with it (every nut, bushing, bearing, bolt, seal, ect, including $1600.00 of motor work) but I have been drooling for a long time after a Montesa 315. After 5 months of looking, calling and hearing Oh its sold, or its in Cape Town or the last one (only on Craigs List for 2 days) Oh a guy is driving from,Oregon to pick it up. I despaired of finding one before retirement. I went to the British American Cup last Saturday intending to ride my TY and endure the BRUTAL loop on an vintage bike.

30 seconds after arriving I discovered a club member had just got a lower hour 315 and was selling his 2001 315R Dougie Replica, and looking around I saw him just pulling into the parking lot. "Yes Mable, A tweaked TY 250 will do a tire smoking 3rd gear launch when heading to a possible dream bike purchase". " 2 minutes later I was taking a test drive, Hmmmm front rim is wobbly, loose spokes, also front wheel bearings are loose, front brake master cylinder leaks, clutch is an on off switch, sounds like a wrist pin or BAD predetonation, forks feel like a rock, same with the rear linkage, the chain tensioner is on upside down, Skid plate worn to half its normal thickness in places, its got no low end snap but compression is good. PERFECT !!!!! Shoot why buy a bike you don't get to spend money on. Anyway I reason that the time to buy one of these is when you see it.

Guy wants $2600.00, I talk him into $2500.00 and ride off happy as a clam. I will post some pics as soon as I get it back from Lewisport, Adrian is sorting it out for me end to end. Sorry for the long post its just that the smile hasn't been off my face for a week
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