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Well, having bought the new bike, I am about 500km in for the last month and things are sorting out. My technique for sensing shifts is improving and I'm finding the hills to be more fun every day. Shit, I even dropped a pants size.

I am getting tired of having to go to bike shops for relatively simple repairs to the various bikes in our house. It seems like this can't be so hard if I can wrench a motorcycle, but at the same time it's clear that bicycles have a few special tools and considerations as well. So with do-it-yourself maintenance in mind, can you fellas answer a few questions?

- I was considering buying the Park Tool "Big Book" of bike maintenance. Is this good resource? Sure seems complete. Any other good sources?

- I'm seeing lots of options for tool kits, single tools, etc. I'm hesitant to buy a kit right away since I have so many tools at home already for motorcycling, but clearly some tools are bicycle specific. Can somebody give a short rundown (or link to one) of the most essential tools I'll be needing? Clearly my sets of allen and torx from my motorcycle kits will work, but how abou tthe rest of it?

- Another tool question. I'm seeing things like "pedal wrenches" and things. They never usually show the actual dimensions of these wrenches. Are sizes for things like this standard on bicycles? Seems a bit confusing not knowing what I might need, but they aren't cheap either.

And of course, I'm perusing this thread for general information. It's a really great resource. Thanks for your help.
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