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Originally Posted by FinlandThumper View Post
- I was considering buying the Park Tool "Big Book" of bike maintenance. Is this good resource? Sure seems complete. Any other good sources?
Park's website is good too. Videos.

[quote]- I'm seeing lots of options for tool kits, single tools, etc. I'm hesitant to buy a kit right away since I have so many tools at home already for motorcycling, but clearly some tools are bicycle specific. Can somebody give a short rundown (or link to one) of the most essential tools I'll be needing? Clearly my sets of allen and torx from my motorcycle kits will work, but how abou tthe rest of it?[quote]Any more, that's about it. Maybe a pedal wrench, but most of my pedals are allen wrench only. My personal opinon: if/when you need it, buy it. No need to have a bunch of bicycle-specific stuff laying around collecting dust.

- Another tool question. I'm seeing things like "pedal wrenches" and things. They never usually show the actual dimensions of these wrenches. Are sizes for things like this standard on bicycles? Seems a bit confusing not knowing what I might need, but they aren't cheap either.
If you're talking pedal wrench as in 'open ended wrench' they're going to be 15mm (with some of the older ones having a 9/16" side). If you're talking about allen wrench style, they're either 6mm or 8mm with the most likely size being 8mm

And of course, I'm perusing this thread for general information. It's a really great resource. Thanks for your help.
No worries.

I still have a bunch of headset and bottom bracket tools from 20 years ago that are as useless as udders on a steer. They were important to have up until about 15 years ago tho so its not like it was wasted $

About the only thing you may need that's NOT an allen wrench is a set of cone wrenches and then only if you're running loose ball hubs.

Rode 4:06 yesterday with 'the guys.' It was either up or down. Very little flat. Culpeper north towards Warrenton, turn left, turn left, turn right, turn left onto 522 to drop one of the guys off at the house that was too pooped to party, then a short loop south of town and back. Not nearly 400km, but man! are my legs beat!

Got some new Bont A-1 shoes from a friend of a friend. Did the heat up and mold thing yesterday AM but didn't want to try a 4hr ride on shoes I would have just put cleats on. I'll save em for today/tomorrow and do a short ride first. Got another 5 hrs planned Sunday.

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