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Originally Posted by avc8130 View Post
I am not a huge fan of the upper hoop, personally.

How much protection (in a tip over) will the lower skid plate portion provide? Would you say it is similar in protection to most other guard offerings?

Any "tipped-over" pics to show what touches first?
I think the lower side bars offer protection that is equal to some crash bars out there, certainly better than the stock tip over guards. I don't think the lower alone is equal to some of the other offerings when you are riding w/o bags and in rocky terrain where uneven ground or an errant bolder next to the trail could be an upper side impact issue. One of the reasons I like the full set is that it not only guards against lower side impacts, but fully protects the radiator/fan in upper impacts too.

Tipped over pics? I've nev... well, ok, I have dirt napped the S10 several times, but it was prior to the Rumbux crash bars going on, so I took the bike out to the front patio and 'laid her down' so the inmates could have a look. Several shots just taken. First with bags on, which clearly has an impact on how far over the bike will go. With the bags on, the lower bar doesn't even touch ground on flat surface. However, with the bags off, it does. I hope the following pics answer your questions, but feel free to ask for a specific pic and I'll do my best.

Now with bags off. Didn't think to get a good low angle shot with the bags on since the bike was held up higher by the bags. Certainly does illustrate that the shift lever is at risk. Both upper and lower bars kiss the pavement at about the same point on flat surface.

And a shot of the upper hoop bar that runs from the hoop to the center bolt that holds the gauge pod bracket/sub unit in place.
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