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Thanks for taking the time to document all of this.
A project like this looks it would scratch some of the itches I miss from my KLR. Also, looks more practical to my world than a 950SE (the only bike I saw as a suitable KLR replacement... )

Originally Posted by jdrocks View Post
way back on page one of this thread, i proposed a turnkey budget of $1200 for this build. this is the most representative photo of the build, but the question remains..."how does the bike match up with the original budget?"

i kept fairly good records, and also got some good prices on the excess parts i sold.

the V649HP bike in the photo cost $540, including panniers and mounts, but excluding tires and parts i reused from previous bikes, such as the engine guards, hand guards, headlight, and signals. i did not put a price on any small parts shop fabricated from scrap, or include a number for labor. bottom line, if tires and an estimated price for the reused parts are added to the total, the bike came in on budget, maybe a little under.

not too bad, but the $1200 cost was twice what i anticipated lately before i added up all the numbers. the cost of ownership for this bike is negligible in both an absolute sense, and in comparison to other newer bikes of the same relative size and type.

so far, this budget build has carried me safely on 17,000 miles of adventure.
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