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Originally Posted by Apple Jam View Post

Between Condon and Fossil; somewhere close to Hwy 19, John Day Hwy.
These highway locations (if I guessed right) are tough for me to recognize,
I slow down sometimes,

but on those North/Central Oregon empty two-lane highways...


I can't ride 55

I still haven't been on enough of the gravel roads around there to recognize this spot.
Even though I've spent some time twice this year cruising around there already.
That area keeps calling me back.
....On the list

Edit: It's not Snipton Canyon Rd, Butte Creek Rd, or Hoover Canyon Rd, Nor Richmond or Seales Rd.
.....unless I blew right past it....
That spot (Church, school, Post Office?) would've prompted me to stop and take a pic, just like you, I think....
You're up.

It is one of the gravel roads just east of 19.

I believe the building was a school.

Side note: After riding about 20 miles of gravel out of Fossil, I came upon a "No Trespassing" sign posted by Wilderness Unlimited. The sign was positioned such that it seemed to be claiming the road itself, and threatened arrest for continuing. To be safe, I turned around, but I have my suspicions that is not their road, and they just want to keep the riff raff away. Signs by other property owners along that road were facing in a way that claimed only the land along the road.

The road showed on the map as going through to 19, and it looked like a public road. I have heard that Wilderness Unlimited has a habit of claiming more than they actually own, so I want to check with the Sheriff to see whether the sign is legit.

I miss round headlights.

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