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a final, and i do mean final, word on Kenda Big Blocks. go ahead, mount those heavy wall chunky tread tires on the bike, snap a photo, smile, and enjoy the moment...'cause that's the very last second you will like these tires.

heck, they did look kinda cool, but i didn't know at the time that they were made out of black Cheez Whiz. no, i don't want to give Cheez Whiz a bad name, the tire compound would have been much better if it really was made from cheese in a can. if i had been in the Kenda marketing department, i would have suggested the product engineers blend in a bunch of bacon grease with their Big Block tire compound formula. that way, everyone behind you would enjoy a sniff of that good ol' hot bacon smell as the tires quickly melted away...anyway, that's my product review, i cut it short before i got carried away.

i demounted the 19" Big Block front and replaced it with a used TKC before i head for the mountains, the BB looked so cupped and nasty i wasn't sure it would get me there and back.

TKC front, Kenda back. the Kenda has a thousand miles less than the TKC in the photo, and the TKC will run to 8-9,000, maybe a few miles more. the Kenda first cost is less than the TKC, but is obviously not a good buy.

The rear Kenda is coming off next, no more Cheez Whiz.

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