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Originally Posted by Kdog22 View Post
Thread bump.

Just came accross this thread during some heavy internet searching and brought me here. I'm glad i found this info.

As someone else had asked, have any of you guys done this and transferred the registration to their own state? You still don't get a title do you? It's just a proof of ownership/ plates kind of thing?


My son inlaw is an investigator for the Texas Highway Patrol, gets involved in auto theft cases that cross a lot of county lines. I was discussing this with him the other day because I found a little CT 90 with no title but a bill of sale. I asked about the places that title it when you transfer ownership. He said in Texas it is considered illegal, washing the title was his term. He said you are supposed to bond around it. I have no idea what bonding cost and havent looked any further yet. I think he told me you only had to hold the bond for two years. Doesnt mean people dont do it and come out fine, just relaying a conversation.
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