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Originally Posted by Ryman View Post
Sweet! I knew we had a use for you.
Didn't I have to buy lunch last time? Aww,what's one more kid on the nipple?

Originally Posted by The Walrus View Post
My time is worth more.........than your money........................but congratulations anyway...........
You're retired. Technically your time isn't worth shit.

Originally Posted by GISkev View Post
Only tough stuff is Coal Wash in the Swell, and I'm sure i'll have more fun on my XR400. Pluric told me that he was taking his KLR which i think is probably a better steed.

Pluric, you should ask TT and Harcus what they thought of coal wash...
I was going to take the Kler, I've offered it to Todd-Squad because he wisely won't ride
his KTM on slab.

TT and Harcus would tell me it's paved just to see the sleeping Tenrere shots. Can't trust
anybody around here.
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