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So I made a "windshield" for it out of some scrap, turned out so-so. Rode it the 7 miles to school this morning and took the long way home, for a grand total of 40 miles on the beast. Never missed a beat.

The ugly windshield:

Got home and decided to get busy. Stripped everything off of the front of the bike.

Lots of electrics to try and stash, but I've got a couple of ideas.

Pile of parts:

Monkeyed around with my windshield for a bit, and got it sort of set where I think it needs to go. Not sure I like it- it's WAY to big. I'll use it for now but I think I may end up getting a smaller style like the picture I posted above.

I was hoping I could clamp it on to the upright part of the handlebars, but their way too fat. Not much real estate on the bars, so here's what I came up with. I will get a longer bolt, put a great big fender washer on it with bushing underneath so the bolt will still tighten up on the handlebar clamps, but the washer will hold the windshield mount down.

I *was* planning on putting a trailtech Vapor on it, but this windshield has so much room the stock instrument panel will fit fine! Going to have to make some sort of cover for the back side of it though...

So here's the plan at the moment- subject to change about as fast as a fart in a hurricane. Fab up a bracket that will clamp to the forks, hold the headlight, signals, loose electrics, AND dash.


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