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My latest love interest:

Yeah, yeah, I know, unreliable, unrefined, yadda, yadda, yadda... Yet, for the money, and after lots of looking around and soul searching, this is the only thing that really reaches out and grabs me by the balls and then strokes them ever so gently.

Got the itch for something "new" a few months ago and decided, "what the hell, life is short, and I haven't bought a bike for myself in years". Didn't want to spend a huge sum, but still wanted something that stirred me in some way....

NEVER had any love for Harleys in general, but there is just something about the S1 and that big chunk of engine wedged into that little chassis. It just screams old school hot rod to me. Just raw and elemental. Loved them the first time I ever laid eyes on one way back in the mid 90's... always said, back then, that I'd like to try one for a bit, but just never did. Was a one bike dude back then and couldn't bring myself to take the risk... Flash forward a few years and I have other bikes in the garage that I can ride if this one needs attention... have the GS for comfort, two-up, luggage, long trips, camping, etc. Just looking for a short ride "fun" bike.

In the process of purchasing this one right now! Can't wait to go pick it up!

Wish me luck!

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