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More of “Carrizozo” and “Chaco Canyon”. NM

This vast space has touched us. Carrizozo is till fresh in my mind, the quaint feel and friendliness of the locals, the proximity of so many new roads, all makes me want to make it an “Oasis” for us next winter. Will see! Maybe. As everything else on this Journey of ours. “Chaco Canyon” where we also spend a few days, well, none has yet sank in due to the enormity of what we encountered. The past remains of a Culture so intense, the many dwellings standing and preserved from an era when yet “metal tools” where just not around.

“Old Faithful” is up and running. The anticipation of the repairs dollar amount was a shock, of course, like everything else, yet, it has been done right and can only hope many new miles are in store ahead of us.
To compound it all however half of our camping gear has been stolen from one night in Albuquerque, simply lifted off “Old Faithful”, another shock, another setback.
Sometimes the skies open up and the storms drop to no end. That is how it right now feels as we try to move on toward Flagstaff. Check out our Merchandise section...
Enjoy the photos, the roads. On we go for more... Trying!

Be well, always.

Ara and Spirit
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