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Some interesting questions via PM by inmates. There is some interest in using the Rumbux lower bars/skid plate with other companies upper bars. This has not been done or test fit at this point.

What I see is that in most cases this will be possible. The lower Rumbux mounts at the same front bolt as most other upper crash bars and has a flat tab that should fit under or over the other bar's mounting bracket or tab, depending on design. It may require a little muscle or spreading of one product or another, but should not cause any issues.

For those that don't care for the upper hoop design, this is an alternative option that upgrades the skid plate to a non-engine mounted design w/o having to replace your existing upper bars.

I'd love to test fit this concept if anyone happens to be near me or wants to come my way and has another brand of crash bar already mounted. I'll buy/cook lunch for any takers.
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