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The 3 State century was tough yesterday. I got off to a terrible start on account of having to take a massive dump as the peloton was leaving the stadium. Then I had to pin on my race number, so I was at least 10 minutes behind the pack. The first hour was spent riding alone while passing scores of other riders. The weather ran the gamut with fog, then some rain with a hail chaser, and brutal afternoon sun made it an interesting ride. The goal was to conquer Burkhalter Gap (which is the last mountain climb of 2.4 miles with a grade that exceeds 20% at the top) without walking the bike. Standing on the pedals and seeing 3mph on the speedometer is a experience. Mission accomplished. Total of 102 miles on the odo in 6:23 at an avg speed of 15.9. My little brother rode it in 4:54, but he had to jump off and walk his bike up the steepest part of Burkhalter.

Yours truly.

A refreshing shower on the other side of the lake from where the previous pic was taken.

My brother (in the lead pack) is wearing the Gerolsteiner jersey in the right row. He hung with this group until the bottom of Burkhalter Gap at the 83 mile mark.

Busted! You're not doing it right.
edit: They got the pics up in a hurry this time.
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