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Originally Posted by Graniteone View Post
OK for all the Yanks out there...what the hell does that mean??????

They are just giving the "Hey I see you ride too" sign. Kind of like a version of a peace sign. Harmless unless there is junk on the road and they were pointing it out and you didn't notice.

Travel fast and safe.

Look forward to saying hello at the Overland Rally in Flagstaff.
Thanks for that GraniteOne (come over and say hello at the Overland Rally in Flagstaff) and Gwing, you know that is what I kind of thought. The first time over here and other riders kept pointing down so I was constantly checking the road to see where the problem was until I realised that it was just a type of greeting. In England it's a bit more reserved, a slight nod or inclination of the head as you see another biker or an occasional hand raised as a hello.

so back to me passing someone who was standing by a pick up truck doing that, at first I assumed he was pointing out something on the road, so I checked, no snakes or holes, nothing there, not even a dead one of these

Then I thought he is probably just a biker himself and greeting me so I relaxed again. But my brain was still thinking about it, and finally, I suddenly thought, is my light working? I stopped the bike and checked, whoops, no headlight, the sun was setting rapidly and the light had quickly faded.
Damn, usually not too much of a problem, as I'm generally looking to stop riding and put up my tent at this point. But I had an invite and a destination tonight. Albuquerque was awaiting me.

First day on the road and to be honest, my panniers are in a state of disarray (somewhat like my life) and I am really not sure where my spare bulbs are. I'm used to automatically carrying some because in some European countries it's compulsory to have them on or in every vehicle.

I started unloading with a sigh. I was lucky, in the first pannier, there they were and even more lucky as there was a headlight bulb in the set, I had no idea if I might have used it up previously. Not forgetting, Thelma and my gear have been in storage for quite a while.

The headlight is a bit tricky to replace, I put my hand in to get the old one out, fiddled around a bit, found a loose wire and "hey presto" the lights came on, it was just the connector and not the bulb. Quickly reload my case and get back on. By the time I reached the main highway (interstate) it was dark and not a pleasant ride with the trucks roaring past and all sorts of debris on the road. I arrived in time for dinner at 9.00pm wasn't 9.00pm it was 10.00pm, I felt bad, I had no idea their clocks were different from Arizona and they had waited on dinner for me.

Alon and his wife Ann made me very welcome as did their labradoodle - that dog is crazy!
Time for a chat and a catch up, I first met Alon when he was travelling on his Honda TransAlp and was in Ecuador, we also met up in Bolivia and crossed the Salar de Uyuni together, a lot of fun.
The next morning we set off, Alon was "escorting me off the premises" and setting me on the road out of town.

On the way home from...Mongolia
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