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Originally Posted by Sascha View Post
Just a question, for what you need anything else than the original 23l tank?
I'm riding with the original 23l. But I see lot's of value in larger tanks in areas where there aren't many gas stations.

1. You don't have to plan your route around visiting gas stations.
2. You don't worry about (often the only) gas station on your route being closed.
3. You don't worry about encountering some type of road closure on your your route that makes you reroute or turn around.
4. You don't worry about miscalculating your fuel consumption. Of course it may vary substantially off-road.

For the reasons above, on desolate Desert trails, where you ride alone and there is practically no traffic, I would not really go below 1/2 tank, because you never know if/when you need to turn around for any reason. makes matters further complicated, that the trail head for those desolate Desert trails is usually not near gas station's either.

...and that really gives you only less than 1/2 of your tank capacity.
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