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So I'm bouncing down the gravel road and my handlebars slip in the stem. I'm fixin to have a REAL fun time if I don't do something fast, since I couldn't stop right there, I switched to braking in the drops and kept going downhill till I hit a flat spot in the road.


Broke out the wrenches and tightened that bitch back up! Onwards and downwards!

Ended up on the tarmac for a bit. Wound around a creek/valley then right and up.

...and up

...and up

...and up

I swear I must've climbed for 30-40min. I passed a bunch of people 'cause if I didn't spin at a certain cadence, I was stopping dead in my tracks. Its funny, but its easier to go a little faster than it is to sit back and grind.

I'd pass someone, ask em a question to keep my mind of the interminable climb I was on, then catch the next person. Repeat till you hit the top of the hill.

...but the decent was worth it! Even in the rain. Oh, did I mention that as soon as the ride started it started to rain? It did. Thankfully, it was warm, and not 50deg! THAT woulda sucked out loud.

So at the bottoms of the hills, I took my jacket off. Put it back on on the way down the hill. I must've gone in and out of my jacket a dozen times over the course of the ride. Its a skill, putting a jacket on on the move. Not for the faint of heart!

So I get to the bottom of what felt like a 45mph downhill and there's a rest stop! Woot!

...except I didn't see my buddy there. The whole way up the hill I kept thinking he was a sadistic, evil little man and I was gonna kick his ass.

Then I turned right at the short ride cutoff.

Short may equal short, but it sure nuff didn't equal easy. I could just see him laughing: I'll show those short ride pansies! I'll send em up something EVEN STEEPER than the first climb. I'll make it LONGER too! That hill sucked all the life out of my legs lemme tell ya. I was paperboying across the road like my life depended on it. Cause it DID!

So I got over the first bit, rounded the corner and there's another one.

Got around THAT corner and guess what?! Something as steep or steeper yet again! As long or longer! This one topped out on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I chatted with a couple of hikers for a few minutes and headed down another screaming downhill. This one told the truckers to watch out, cause there were 15% downgrades.

So I get to the bottom of the hill and see a 'turn right sign' for the ride. OK. Kewl. One more hill...

As I'm hoofing it up the hill, I'm looking around. Pretty round here. I wonder if that spring is OK to drink from, I'm about out of water...

So I see another wall in front of me. K. I can make this. Just around the corner! You can do it! Keep on spinning them pedals around.

Hey! Waitaminit! That wall in the field looks REAL familliar! OH SHIT! I'm going up the first hill again! I sure as shootin didn't want to do THAT again! I was already done.

So I went back down the hill in the rain. Didn't bother with the jacket this time. I knew I was close enough to the end that I didn't need it.

2:35 or so of riding time that felt like a lifetime.

IF I get goat roped again in the fall, 1. I'm staying down there the night the night before, 2. I'm getting a bigger cassette, and 3. not running knobbies

All in all, it was more of an accomplishment than what I'd call fun. I'm not built to go up hills. I'm built to go fast on the flats. Damn little skinny bastards think the world revolves around climbing! I'll show him next time we're out riding.

I'm a cyclist that rides motos, not a moto rider that rides bicycles.
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