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Originally Posted by A-Wind View Post makes matters further complicated, that the trail head for those desolate Desert trails is usually not near gas station's either.

...and that really gives you only less than 1/2 of your tank capacity.

Too true- how many times have I ventured down a track only to around 3/4 of the way because it was inpassable?

How many times have I had to detour 100+km because I was short 10l of fuel to stay on my original track but had to backtrack? (Almost ran out of fuel in Karijini a few years ago during the floods on the way down from Millstream- Hadto go East to Auski, then turn around and drive back west to Tom Price cause I was about 5l short)

From my house to WA/SA border is about 800km one way. No fuel stops if you take the more scenic route. Weekend excursion to the homesteads and back- 700km between fuel stops. etc.

And then there is the more adventurous routes like Canning

And true- you can plan around this, but then you have to stick to the itenary and have no leeway, or travel with backup, or arrange for fuel drops, or pay through your nose for low-grade fuel ($2.17 the other day at Warburton for 91 compared to $1.65 for 98 in Esperance), etc.

Each to his own...



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