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Nice place to visit...
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Deer hunting

Originally Posted by Rick G View Post
Jac-O you crazy Cannuck! I will look forward to seeing your always smiling mug. Will you be riding down with EZ Out? I am heading down with SlipChip.

See you in June.

Rick G

Hello Rick!

Yes, I will be travelling with EZ OUT and (hopefully) his older (but crazier) brother Bob.

I can wait to hear your deer hunting stories!

I also need more riding lessons from my favority DOWNHILL SKIING GOD!

Your recommendations (and trying to keep up with EZ OUT) really improved my riding!

I met with SLIP CHIP at the mid OHIO vintage bike outing in 2011.

Year 2012 brand is KAWASAKI 'Let the good time roll, The Cars 1978"

I had a KAMASAKI 750 TRIPLE in...1973(?). I was 19 or something. Somehow, I survided it. Very few deers in Montreal then.... The good times.

And the times are still excellent!

Good to hear from you Rick!

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