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this is a good thread. I too have an RWS Diana in .22. I have a small midtown yard, maybe a tenth of an acre, but I'm cursed with two pecans and a chestnut tree. The .22 is hell on squirrels and has made me a better rifle shot to boot. I only take head shots on tree rats nowadays. I've killed between 40 and 50 in the last 3 years. A lady at work eats all of them. The RWS hollow points work better than anything else I've tried.

The pointed pellets are only good if you really need some penetration. I had a few coons that would drop green pecans on my tin patio roof all night. After way too many nights of this, I finally decided to forgo humane hunting and see if the Diana could kill one.

I got the previously useless ice pick pellets out, a flashlight, and the gun. When the bombs started dropping in the middle of the night, I leaped out to the backyard in my underwear and got the tools. I must admit I was reluctant to pull the trigger, but with the rifle in one hand and the flashlight laid along the barrel in the other, I shot at the little bastard about 17 feet up a pecan. It sounded like a hit; blood dripping down onto my arm confirmed it.

He went 30 feet up the tree so I shot him again, aiming right at his glowing little beady eyes. BAM! he hit the ground and my old dog leaped on him. He was dead as they come, shot alongside his pointy little nose. The pellet went right into the brain. I shot another one the next night but he didn't fall and frankly, I didn't give a damn that he had a slow death. The hours of sleep they were stealing every night were killing us.

The devil spawn cleared out after that.
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