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I'm sure you guys have seen those stupid bells that some riders hang off their bikes to ward off road gremlins, biffage, and the like.

I got one as a gift from a Harley riding buddy a few years ago, and he got himself one too. He was pretty excited about the bell, since he doesn't wear any gear except for a skull mask, and the bell virtually guaranteed he wouldn't injure himself in a crash.

Since it was a gift, and since he had the exact same thing, I felt obligated to hang it off the Strom... in case he every gave my bike the once over to see where I had installed it. Thankfully, a branch or something ripped it off so I only had to have it for a few months.

Today, I was going through my junk drawer and I came across this Glock keyring. Having no other use for it, I thought it would be fun to install it as a "bike gremlin deterrent". I figure a Glock is a better talisman than one of those bells any day.

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