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Your camping gear was stolen? Wow that sucks.. Sadly, I know how that feels and how it can affect a trip. My fiancÚ was robbed in Yellowstone on one of our bike trips, they went through all her bags and clothes to find get to what they took too. She was so upset and cried for half a day while I tried to console her that we could replace everything and eventually karma will catch up with them. Meanwhile we had to file a report with the park police who all tried to reassure us that this kind of thing never happens there and that this was the first big theft in 10 years at the park but that there was nothing they could do for us.

Was this stuff stolen while it was parked at Sandia BMW or while it was somewhere else in town?

I'm ashamed that several travelers who's threads I've followed have been relieved of possessions while passing through Albuquerque. Most of those thefts were from the Embassy Suits parking lot, seems to be a very nice new hotel but with 5 second access to the Interstate its a favorite for parking lot thefts.
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