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While riding yesterday with the quietest lurker on this forum he made comment on how everyone seems to be "getting butt hurt easy as hell lately" on here.

My guess is this and tell me to go piss up a rope if you disagree. I think that since the Harley and fake Harley craze is slowing down now the cool thing to do is be an Adventure bike rider. This is why all the bike shops are overloaded with used cruisers and have no dual sports anywhere. We now have a bunch of pencil pushing pansies that have been neutered by HR at work to the point of becoming so feminine acting that they even carry a tampon in their wallet. Meanwhile, while in the presence of a manly stud like myself that aint afraid to fart, cuss, drink, or fight, they get so worked up at the first thing non pc that their pseudo-vag tightens up and dries out like a raisin.
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