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Originally Posted by BigOhio View Post
Geez, just read an article today about solar activitiy causing wars, disputes, murders and such. The solar maximum must be coming up soon and I may have to find a cave to move into...

But on the subject of bicycles normally I have no problem with them if they follow the rules. The problem I have is about every group (10+) I come up on. I watch them blow through stop signs, ride 3-4 abreast, spread out forever and not providing you any room to pass safely and just pretty much oblivious to everything around them but themselves. Of course I may just be jaded as I live in an area that seems to be a mecca for Columbusites to put on orangized rides and kind of pisses me off when I'm trying to get home or out and get stuck in the middle of 100 bikes for miles on end and having 20 you just passed, pass you when you stop at the stop sign and they just go around you ignoring it. Just my 2 cents...
You can go through the stop sign also if you want.
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