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A HUGE thank you to Dean, Cory, Marcia, Dave and everyone else for a great rally!

Matt and I had a wonderful time and we appreciate all the hard work that went into the event.
It was such a treat to come back to camp after a long day of riding and have all the comforts waiting for us.

Here’s a super-long one-post ride report, with an emphasis on the “ride” portion...

- about 220 miles (with our helpful GPS’s “shortcuts”)

Leaving the east bay, we rode up with our friend Aaron (no ADV name yet, but I’m calling him “Capt. Underpants” with hopes that it’ll stick).
Matt and I were 2up on the 990S (blue), Capt Underpants was on his new 990.

We went via Fairfield - Hwy 121 - Berryessa Knoxville - Reiff Rd - Hwy 16 - Hwy 20 - Walker Ridge - Indian Valley Res - Twin Valleys - Deer Valley - French Ridge - M1.

Here are some pics, so you can feel good about route you took.

Indian Valley Reservoir

Our GPS tried to give us some shortcuts in Deer Valley...

Um. No thanks.

French Ridge

It got worse after that, so I stopped taking photos.

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome once we got to camp!
It was so nice to pull up and be greeted with friendly faces, delicious pizza, and cold beer.
We basked in the warmth of ADV hospitality and the cozy campfire until nearly midnight.

Friday - about 90 miles

There was some confusion in the morning (sorry, Aaron), but we managed to get out of camp by 11am or so.
We had a nice Orange group -
pictured below: BigWan, zeegman (KTM 530), Capt Underpants and kzahel (KTM950 adv)

Capt. saveaho and stuntcrazy were also planning to head to Hull Mountain, so we joined forces at one point.


Capt. saveaho

Man, I wish we had video footage from when we were racing around with Capt. saveaho...
It was scary and awesome.
Oh, to be in our 20s again...

kzahel and zeegman

capt underpants, stuntcrazy, capt saveaho

As everyone knows by now, all were denied. Hull Mountain had too much snow.
Capt. saveaho and stuntcrazy tried harder than the big bikes and kept going...

kzahel, capt underpants, BigWan

Our group carried on, and attempted a Hull Mountain approach via M61
It was a fun ride, but no go.

Matt and zeegman tried to scout a little further, but only found more snow.

Oh well. It was still beautiful up there.


Had some fun coming back on M6

capt underpants, kzahel

Did you guys catch the gorgeous purple flowers??

We had toyed with the idea of going to Stonyford for gas and beer, but then someone pointed out that there was beer waiting back at camp...
Camp, it is!

It was another night of yummy food, cold beer, great conversation and a toasty campfire.

Hey, this ADV rally stuff is A-okay!

Saturday - about 115 miles

We added 2 more KTMs to our group today - Just Paul and Jill (2 up on a KTM 990) and DARKRYDER (KTM 990R)
After hearing from mootsuno and gang that M3 was impassable (but 311 was awesome), we revised our proposed route to Stonyford.

Just Paul and Jill were stoked!

kzahel, gettin’ his 311 on...(thanks Dean, our group loved 311)

Matt thought we’d all enjoy some trail 30.
Some were tested more than others, but everyone had fun.
It was fantastic!

A little mild single track was added, just to keep things interesting.

kzahel, zeegman and DARKRYDER gearing up for trail 20.

Big Bike single track - Wooo!

steeper than it looks, right?

Look out trail 20, here comes Capt. Underpants!

We had some mid-ride drama when kzahel’s clutch slave took a dump.
When trail repairs didn’t seem to take, he impressed us all by riding M5 back to camp (clutchless and nearly non-stop)!

go, kzahel!

I think we had 3 watercrossings on Saturday.

DARKRYDER liked this one so much he did it 3 times (capt underpants, too).

Lining up for the Bear Creek crossing.

Just Paul and Jill nailed it!

Our GoPro camera is too much fun.
I love watching Slo Mo water crossings...

Again, another great day of riding for our group.
I think we were all pretty stoked.

It was a special treat to come back to find cold beer, yummy guac, and tons and tons of amazing smoked pork.
Thanks, Dean - we know you were slaving over a hot smoker instead of being out on the trail. Dinner was fantastic!

Sunday - about 175 miles

It was sad to pack up and leave Fuller Grove.
(though the growing “aroma” of the outhouse wafting around our tent made it a little easier, haha).

After saying our thank yous and goodbyes, our little group (JustPaul and Jill, DARKRYDER, Capt Underpants and us Wans) headed home.
We pretty much rode the same route back (M1, french ridge, indian valley res, etc.).
Nothing too exciting.

We tried to liven it up a little with a detour near the reservoir.

Mmmm, rocky.

Hillclimbs in two flavors - steep and steeper.
This is steep (no pics for steeper)

Matt and I added some standing around to the mix when we got a rear flat (picked up a drywall screw ).
It was the second flat of the day (Capt Underpants had one earlier), but the group was still patient.
Thanks, guys!

We saw a helicopter on Bear Creek Rd

I think it was a fire at Wilbur Hot Springs.(linky)

The rest of the ride was uneventful.
We haven't heard from Capt Underpants, but as far as we know everyone made it home in one piece.

Anyway. Sorry this report was so long.
We have a couple hours of video, but couldn't get anything done in time (you're welcome! ).
(note to DARKRYDER - yep, we got that drag racing up 311! )

Thanks again to the Mendo Rally organizers!!
You guys are awesome - this had to have a been a ton of work.
From what we understand, Cory and Marcia didn't even get to ride this time??
So sorry to hear that. Hope you can get out on the trail next year.

It was great to meet all you friendly ADVers - hope to see you guys again.
kelly and matt
OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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