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A few pics from the tear down.

This looks like some space Alien....

Parts hanging are the Drive Shaft out put tubes and the bellow that protects them. Everything is very well sealed up and protected.

The Drive shafts look perfect and no notches in them anywhere. The linear bearing still slide smooth.

Bellows are a little dirty, but not torn. (These cover the drive shafts through out the suspension stroke.)

Fork tubes out, ready to go through the bearings.

The tubes drop out easy.
-Remove the bottom drive shaft bellow clamp and lift up bellow.
-Remove set screw in drive shaft to unlock it from drop out pinion gear.
-Lift up on drive shaft to release from pinion.
-Remove pinch bolts from Triple clamps like a normal bike.
-Drop forks out.

This might take 15-20 min extra your first time.

I removed the left side tank to inspect the rest of my drive train. Everything is looking good.

Most bikes would have a steering stem here..... I have two drive shafts and some spur gears.

The head bearings on this setup are huge and handle the 950 weight and abuse no problem. (Think Car Wheel bearing size) They still pivot free and perfect, ready for many more miles. These are the same that are used on the NEW Christini bikes. Should be no problem, ever, on a 450 or 300.


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