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Drive chain "INSIDE" the lower triple clamp.


Drive sprocket "INSIDE" the lower triple clamp. Both look perfect.


These will go back in for more use.

The is the lower access plate the holds and supports the output drive shaft from the triple clamp.


There are plastic sliders (WHITE SQUARES) installed to keep the chain from rubbing on Aluminum. These are still in great shape. No replacement needed.

One of the spur gears in the head tube. This is the bottom one.


Wear pattern looks nice and even on all teeth. I must have gotten the head spacer lengths correct when I modified them for 950 ADV frame use.

Drive spline bearing packs, apart and cleaned. Perfect again. Relube and put back in use.


my mess..... About 50 projects going on at once....


I will be replacing as many bearings that I can at this time as a preventive measure while I'm in here. All this could have been done with the lower triple clamp on the bike, but I wanted to see how the Head Tube Spur gears were holding up.

I've put numbers next to the pictures. If you have a question, please reference the pic # and I'll do my best to answer.

Once parts show up I'll post more info.
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