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My dogs can't walk 10' on a leash without tangling them and me into one giant ball of leashes. However, due to riding so long in the hack, they took to being pushed in this 3 wheeled stroller pretty well. Darn dogs haven't learned to push the thing yet though. I usually take it for a mile long ride for evening exercise and everyone hoots at them being pushed inside it. I get almost as much UDF with the dogmobile buggy cruiser as I do with the dogs in my Ural hack. We enjoy walking at the Veteran's Park in Arlington, Tx.

I shot some video with Murph wearing a dog collar camera mount recently. Unfortunately, the collar mount was too big for his neck and let the GoPro slide down to the side too easily. I found a way to mount the collar with a harness and put it on his back for this video. Unfortunately, anytime he raises up I get a lot of sky shots to edit out of the film. Murph likes to duck down and look out the door of the hack, so some of the video shows more than just his hairy head. I may have to adjust the camera up a bit more to capture some better video, but it was fun in seeing things from his view. I may have to get Murph a buzz cut in the future though. :-)
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