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The fact is there was likely better options than what did happen. Even taking the ditch, a very slight trajectory change could have likely avoided the culvert. However, in the split second everything happens, sometimes things are unavoidable.

Thats the problem with the armchair quarterbacks on this thread. We all can lecture for hours proper riding technique and such, but things still happen to all of us. Those that haven't crashed, will. Those who have crashed, will again. If you think otherwise, or if you think that you can "always leave yourself an out" to avoid problems then you are fooling yourself. Should you have safety avenues? Should you leave buffers in your riding? Absolutely, but sometimes things occur that are beyond your control and a person is only able to respond so fast. We are all humans and we all make mistakes. It's going to happen.

I've crashed. It hurt. It sucked. My bike was broke. I will likely crash again someday.
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